Humble Juice Co TFN Salt E-Liquid – 30ml – Smash Mouth

Experience the delectable blend of strawberries, graham crackers, and custard with Humble Juice Co TFN Salt E-Liquid in Smash Mouth. A delightful fusion of flavors in a convenient 30ml bottle.



Introducing the HUMBLE JUICE CO TFN SALT E-LIQUID in the delectable flavor of “SMASH MOUTH,” available in a convenient 30ml bottle. Crafted with precision and expertise, this nicotine salt e-liquid promises a vaping experience that transcends the ordinary, delivering a symphony of flavors that will leave your taste buds craving more.

“SMASH MOUTH” by HUMBLE JUICE CO TFN SALT is a carefully curated blend that combines the rich sweetness of strawberries with the creamy smoothness of custard and a subtle hint of graham cracker crust. This flavor profile is designed to provide a balanced and indulgent vaping experience, perfect for those who appreciate a harmonious fusion of sweet and savory notes.

In the compact 30ml bottle, HUMBLE JUICE CO TFN SALT ensures portability without compromising on the quality and intensity of the vaping experience. TFN, or Tobacco-Free Nicotine, is utilized in this e-liquid, catering to those who prefer an alternative to traditional nicotine sources. This innovative choice reflects HUMBLE JUICE CO’s commitment to meeting the evolving preferences of the vaping community.

The TFN SALT formulation ensures a smooth and satisfying nicotine hit without the harshness commonly associated with traditional nicotine sources. The blend of salt-based nicotine further enhances the overall vaping experience, providing a quicker and more efficient nicotine absorption, making it an ideal choice for vapers looking for a more potent option.

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